2013 Flight Centre Epic


Had a Rhubarb and Custard TORQ Gel for the first time - Mind blowing, now I know why Aiden Lefmann has it on icecream!

This race is everyone goal for all year in south east Queensland bringing over 2000 riders to a gruelling day on the bike. The main category 'The Epic' is a 87k course.

Last year I came 6th in Elite men, This year I was able to up my result to a happy 4th :D


I had a great lead up with some solid training that Anna Beck from Cyclinic had put together. The Start of the race was awesome, great atmosphere, so many people, music pumping and a huge crowd. We set off sitting on a comfortable speed.

Most Ruggid course. On one decent my bottle bounced out sitting half on my frame and half on my crank, I was just able to grab it and shove it in my mouth till we got to the road. I then lost another 2 bottles (separate occasions) due to the rough ruts and rocks of this course.

As the Elite field got strung out a lead group of Andy Blair, Adrian Jackson, Jason English and myself were formed and sat together for 80% of the race

I then slowly dropped off the back of the group but kept my pace as they ramped up and up.

Very happy with my result leading up to the Cape to Cape in a couple of weeks where I will be in new colours.

By the end of the race I glad to dig into the most amazing buffet of fruit you will ever experience!

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