The NSW State Elite TT Champs 2013


With too much work and not enough time to train and race the calendar has been a little sparse this year, but, I have been developing some altitude protocols for athletes and after a very good 4 week intervention and a renewed vigour in training I was ready to line up and try to go a step or two higher on the Elite NSW State ITT Champs podium this year. In fact the last block of very focused training had been very good and the numbers coming out in training were all time bests, so, I was very confident that I could match the super talented riders who I would be racing against. It really was a top line up with Ben Dyball fresh off taking the hill top finish in Japan whilst also smashing the best time ever on Mt Fuji. Brodie Talbot the defending champion and also firing for his assault in China with the National Team at the Tour of Quinghai Lake this week and also last year’s Silver medallist Jacob Kauffman who had also recently scored overseas success taking a stage win in Malaysia. Oh yeh for a near 43 year old I did have my work cut out for me.


The course had been changed to the rough and tough Dons Farm at Dapto and everyone who has ever ridden the course knew it would be very tough. The weather in the preceding days also caused concern as torrential rain had made the already potholed course even worse. It would be the same for all, so, come the morning of the race it was game time, but, as luck would have it for the duration of the race conditions were dry and even the tricky descent of Mt Marshal was dry.

With the warm up complete the sensations were very good, you know the feeling of holding great numbers and it feeling easy. I knew I was on a good day. The data suggested it as I came in quite fresh at +15 TSB and over years of studying my data I know that this is ideal for my very best performances. I rolled up the start line and it was on.

Ben was actually my minute man, but I had Jacob and Brodie behind me. In ITT events the focus is always on dosing the effort and with a lumpy course extracting just the right amount of energy into every section of the race. Overpower the efforts on the climbs and small micro recoveries on the downs finish the race with the tank well and truly empty.

I rolled down the ramp and it was game time, the legs felt amazing and holding 450 watts felt easy, I know this to be a worry as I have a schedule of 360 for the hour, so, once up to speed I had to temper the effort and back off a little. It was hard as I felt soooooo good. The Torq Forrest Fruit gel I have downed just before the start had perked me up and I was just flying. I was lucky enough to have one of my mates, athletes and NRS series leader Jack Haig in my tail car and after all I put him through in training  was not going to let him down on this day and I was cranking it out. By the first turn I thought I was actually up on Ben, I could actually see the whites of his eyes coming the opposite way, with a little look of disbelief as I was close. The next 60 mins just flew, pain, suffering, emersion in the moment. I was just focusing on 400+ on every rise and holding on in between. I tried to pick up for the final few km’s, but, there wasn’t a lot left, I crossed the line completely spent nothing left to give and coasted to a stop nearly throwing up. Had I got it? I didn’t think so, but, maybe I was close.

State Elite Champs 2013

Ben rolled over to me and we shook hands, Its awesome to be able to race these amazing young athletes when I am old enough to be their dad. I love it and it is what keeps me coming back for more and striving to keep getting better. He had beaten me, but, I was 2nd and had moved one step up from Bronze last year to Silver this year, stoked. The end result was Ben had won by 40 or so seconds a solid win and well deserved from the better athlete.

Podium Elite ITT Champs NSW 2013

I was happy, I had done all I could and had hit my numbers. 348 average and 360 normalised for the 60.50 minutes for the 44km course, with 450 vert meters climbed. At 68kg’s I was in all time best condition ever and the altitude intervention had been a massive success.

A massive thanks to my sponsors Torq Australia, Monza, Cube Bikes, Quarq, Aussie Butt Cream and Oz Riders. Your help, products and support helps me to keep pushing the limits of my performance and keeps me pushing the youngest and most talented riders in Aus all the way to the line.

Love ya work


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