Convict 100km MTB


After a very heavy training and race schedule in 2012 after my back surgery in 2011 I had a little break from racing seriously for a period since the National ITT Champs in Ballarat. What with looking after all of my ftptraining riders and generally running the business I didn’t really have the time to do more than 4 – 5 hours on the bike each week and to be honest i was happy getting stoked on the performances of the athletes I spend so much time looking after and helping to achieve their personal bests. I was still doing a little bit of very focused work however and after having a young Jack Haig to stay for a few weeks and getting in a couple of rides I realised that I wasn’t actually going that bad.

Last week I fronted up at the local ITT Champs and managed a great win very close to my course record with massive numbers, so, when I got a facebook message from a client asking if I would like to take his entry for the Convict 100km I decided just 4 days out that I would have a go.

Now I hadn’t completed more than 2 or 3 rides longer than 2 hours since Xmas, but, I was going great and I knew my fitness and condition was really good, so, I was actually quite excited. I had entered the Vets Category and thought that I would be in with a shout of a result. Lining up at the start I was a little gutted that I hadn’t entered the Elites race as they took off at 7am. 10 minutes later the rest of us were off and after a leisurely first couple of Km’s the hammer went down and a select few of us took off up the road. My plan was to just take it easy and do just enough to win my category or the whole race apart from the elite wave. On the first climb just 3 of us pushed clear and that was it as we never say another from our group again. After only 40 – 50 mins, however, we started to overtake the tail end of the elite group and I then realised that we were actually moving along at a good pace. Our select group was made up of Luke Beuchat and last year’s Vets winner Stuart Adams. Luke was climbing better and Stu was descending better, but, I felt very comfortable at the pace we were going, apart from the fact that I knew as we started that I should have gone to the toilet!!! After the first rocky downhill and climb I knew that at some point I was going to have to stop to answer the call of nature, but, where should I do it and would I be able to get back onto my lead group?

At the 50km point I decided I had to go and let the guys know that I would stop after the feed station and catch them back up. After a quick stop I was chasing back on and after a little climb I was back with the guys and feeling oh so much better ;o) We all got to the river pontoon crossing together and then hit the main last climb of the day. I decided that I would ramp the pace up and up on the climb and test the guys. First Stu popped and it was early on, so, I knew the pace was on and it spurred me on to keep the pressure on. After another 10 minutes Luke was still with me, but, I felt he was tired and I lifted the pace once more on a steep pinch and I felt the elastic go. I looked round and saw a gap and punched it. With about 20km to go it was drive, drive, drive and keep the pressure on. I reeled in a few more elites and with the countdown of Km’s on my computer I knew I was actually going to ride a very fast time. Coming into the last few Km’s I thought I would break the 4 hour mark, but, I didn’t feel as if it had been that fast! I kept pushing and I was very quickly at the finish in a time of 4 hours and 5 minutes. I was stoked with the time, stoked with the feelings and sensations of the race. I was also stoked with the course and the whole event, Chapeau Max Adventure awesome race.

All the results have since come out and with the time I completed the race in I would have finished 9th in the elite male race and I am stoked about that, I cannot help but think what I could have done if I had a fest group to work with, however??? Maybe I could have cracked the 4 hours, maybe next year;o)

Massive thanks to all my sponsors, Torq Australia, the best nutrition on the planet, both pre, during and post race. The Cube 29er and XX1 with Sram Rise 60 Carbon wheels was amazing and never missed a beat. With the conti race kings it is without a doubt the fastest MTB I have very ridden and all my PB strava segments on it will testify to the fact that it is a rocket ship. Thanks to Aussie Butt Cream for keeping me chaff free and OzRiders for the best grips going.

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