Gravity 12 hour, Bright


The Gravity 12 hour can only be described as one of those events that every mountain biker loves. We have discussed this in depth over the years with different team members from when it was held in Rosewhite to its new location in Bright. The general consensus has always been that every Mountain biker loves a chilled out atmosphere, obviously it helps if the venue is wicked for camping, the scenery is awesome, it has some very sweet single track, and Gravity has it all!

We entered a four man team for a bit of fun (Jack, Jason, Tasman & Liam). After a very successful national round at Buller the week before this was a chance for the guys to ride their new Cube 29ers with Sram XX1 some more. We took the big old TORQ base station that’s Home sweet Home when we are away, with all the comforts including music, tv, oven, microwave, shower, toilet and BBQ. Most important for me though, a kettle for making tea all weekend. Very spoilt.

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With a super big field we had one objective - To chill out and enjoy the event. Gravity always has a running start so we decided to pick lanky Jason Lowndes, thinking he would be a great runner…... After a slow run, it wasn’t long once he got out on the bike before he managed to catch the leaders! A lead that was lost due to a flat. After the longest tyre change in the history of racing Jason came in 15 minutes after the lead rider. Lucky it’s a 12 hour race , As the laps went on, we closed the lead down pretty quickly to take the lead over all categories, only to lose it again with some more flats. Unfortunately we weren’t running our super reliable Continental race king tyre. It was hot and dusty so we made sure we consumed a lot of food and drink. Of course TORQ bars –Gels & energy drink to keep the engine firing

We rode back into the lead and the guys kept riding hard trying to beat each other’s times. Jack Haig above took bragging rights as he checks out his new GPS Suunto Ambit watch for timing, He was the man to beat. Jason, Tasman, & Liam all gave Jacks time a good nudge though with young Liam (14 years old) showing just how quick he was going. He posted the third fastest lap of the day and scared the rest of the team. The team finished the day winning overall in what was a blast and a great weekend away of taking the micky out of each other.
The Gravity is one of those must do events. It encompasses everything about mountain biking that we all love. Iain and the rest of the team at Finishline Events run a great event and we have been lucky enough to have been involved for the last few years. We will be back for more 12hr action next year.
Cheers Dean

BIG Thanks to our sponsors without their help Racing wouldnt be possible especially Monza & Sram for there hard work getting our new cube 29ers with xx1 ready in such a rush.

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