World Cup - Tristan Ward



Having a world cup in Australia was very cool and even though I have had hard season with health issues it was something I could not miss! During my first practice lap with the Torq team I shot a berm and went over a roller rather fast (too fast) and ended up flying head first towards some rocks so I bailed. I think the handle bars hit my legs and bruised them quite badly! It was pretty crazy how hard the bike hit the rocks and bounced at least 10 feet in the air, it was like a motocross crash. The Cube held up really well only smashing the head set! I have to say I was lucky when the next day my teammate did the same thing and smashed his front wheel and beat himself up pretty bad.  So after all that we were very lucky that our team mate downhill rider Ellie had brought her XC bike up so we stripped down for parts. Again thanks so much Ellie! The XCE was on Friday with the TT in the morning, then racing later on in the arvo! Em and I were very keen and feeling good. I got to see Em do her run first. She shot out of the gate and rode a fast and smooth TT for 10th place, keeping in mind that the XCE she raced in only the Elite category.Now it was my turn, I gave it all out of the gate pumped the rollers shot the berms and tried to lay down smooth strong power. I managed to have a clean run and powered all the way to the line to qualify in. I ended up with 6th place and I was still so stoked with that effort!Then we went home and relaxed, before we knew it, it was time to race again! Em raced before me and she gave it her all. Then it was my turn again having old mate Pauly in the heat just made it all the more fun. I had a shocking start but made up ground at the first corner trying to make up a position. There was a crash in front just before the drop which stalled me, I gave it my all, all the way to the finish line only to finish 4th in the heat and 13th overall! Still very proud and stoked!The XCO didn’t go well for me at all as I was out on the 2nd lap.The trip was amazing, I am very lucky to be a part of the TORQ team with my amazing team mates, Dean and sponsors. It’s all one big family! Special thanks to Schwalbe Tyres and Sram for keeping my bike in tip top condition while racing and a huge thanks to all other sponsors that make it possible for me to race; TORQ Nutrition, Monza Imports, Complete Wealth, Adidas Eyewear and Motion. 

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