Moama 2014 - National round 3 - Ben Forbes


2014 National XCO Series round 3


5th in Elite
2nd in U23

4th in Elite

Stoked with my results this weekend.The flat Moama track was like racing on a pump track with flat corners.

The race was also 2 hours long with 9 laps.

First few laps was the usual Australian dust ball. Lap 4 I burped my rear wheel on one of the fast big pump track style corners and lost a lot of air, however I kept running in for about a lap because it cushioned my ride but then I had to stop to Co2 it. I moved back to 8th. I then brought back my competitors getting into 3rd on the 4th and 3rd last lap. But then the race drew on a bit long and the boys with the diesel engine Adrian Jackson and Torq team rider Mark Tupalski drove past putting me in 5th to the end of the race.

The night before the race some bogans next to us were blasting some Bliss n Eso with there insanely good boat sound system while dancing in it at about 1am. After Ed Holinger got the message across that he wasn't trying to get up and dance with them when funnily enough he wanted them to turn it off. This was followed by 40min of burnouts and drifts.

The night after the race we blasted a
Doctor Who theme trance remix to get pumped for the next day of racing.

The XCE track was up over a pump track into some flat corners, off camber corners with sticks and logs that cut a side wall in practise (Thanks Mark Fenner for the spare)

It was great fun racing elbow to elbow with the boys. Nice aggressive XCE racing.

After warming up for 2 hours in between heats the final came down to Cameron Ivory, Nic Morgan, Sebastian Jayne and myself.

Whistle blew, I slipped a pedal. Race over. Finished for the weekend.

After waiting over an hour for presentations, they only called up top 3 even after I got told by an official they would call up top 5. Muppits.

But dont worry I got back to airport in time to write this blog ;) where i got some sushi that had dental floss riiiiiiiiight down the middle...

Hmm no annolgies this blog yet...

'Keeping count of the xco laps was like keeping count of Tristan Wards pick up lines tried on Em Parkes'

Thank You to the Sponsors

Thank you Dean and Gen from Torq Australia for once again an amazing trip.

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