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Triathlon plus magazine recently ran a group set of 10 of the top sports drinks to discover which ones were the best for Triathletes.  For the test, reviewed one of our most popular flavours ‘Natural Pink Grapefruit’ up against 9 other brands and here’s what they had to say...



"The Natural Pink Grapefruit flavour we tried was the most natural tasting on test and had a light consistency. There was a noticeable fruity acidity to the flavour, which was refreshing, after more sugary drinks. The powder was one of the easiest to dissolve, leaving no lumps or residue, and the packaging is easy to reseal without taking up much space. TORQ suggests you use three items from its range – drinks, gels and bars – per hour of exercise.Verdict: 5/5."

TORQ Energy was the only product to receive 5/5 in the test, so to read the full review of the product, click here. For further information on TORQ energy, click here and to understand how our products work in combination with each other, check out the TORQ Fuelling System here.

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