Tathra Enduro - Tristan Ward


Last Sunday I drove down the coast to Tathra for the Tathra Endruo. It was about a 3hr drive so I had to leave early! When I got there is was quite cold and breezy, after a while I thought it was going to be a easy race but then Shaun Lewis and Ben Hendo turned up and that made it not so easy! I met up with my team mate Josh and we warmed up before the start of the race.

The start was pretty easy it had a bit of road into an easy climb then back to the single track, I jumped on the single track first and was riding a good tempo, I felt great. Ben Hendo was glued to my wheel and we started to make a small gap after some climbing. Then there was a un-marked corner and I went about 1m down the wrong way and the small group went the right way! I didn’t loose time but ended up at the back of the group.

On the next climb Ben and Shaun slipped off the front and then let go, it was a little frustrating not being able to get by to go with them but that’s racing! After that the other target rider and I got past and really gave it some, only to see them on every switchback about 40 seconds in front, right to the finish where it was a sprint finish for 3rd which I was happy to win. 

 50km of single track is very hard and the race was held really well! Big thanks to TORQ as I never once felt tired through the race. The bike with SRAM xx1 and Schwalbe Tyre did not miss a beat! And as always thanks to my coach Mark Fenner. 

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