TORQ Energy (Organic)


  • Complex carbohydrate energy drink
  • Soil Association Certified Organic (UK5)
  • Neutral (flavourless)
  • Can be added to food
  • No colours, flavours, artificial sweeteners or preservatives

TORQ Energy Organic is made from an ingredient called maltodextrin, often referred to as a glucose polymer. A glucose polymer's molecular profile optimises the long-term energy providing properties of complex carbohydrates, without the need to consume bulky starch-rich foods. These bulky foods take a longer time to digest because they contain fibre, an important, but metabolically useless nutrient. They also fill and bloat your stomach making movement and sport in particular more difficult. TORQ Energy Organic, when diluted with the correct amount of water, delivers a sustained supply of glucose to the working muscle. The beauty of this product is that it's practically flavourless, so is ideal for people who like to drink water whilst exercising, but want to benefit from carbohydrate fuelling.

There is further information provided on how to use this product in combination with other TORQ products under the section of this website entitled TORQ Fuelling System. However, as TORQ energy Natural Organic does not contain Fructose, energy delivery won't be as strong compared with our naturally flavoured TORQ Energy featured in the previous section. If you take the time to read about the TORQ Fuelling System, you will be able to learn more about how TORQ's products can be combined together as part of a fuelling/hydration strategy:


As the energy delivery isn't as strong with TORQ Energy Organic, you should therefore aim for 2 TORQ units per hour whilst using this product as opposed to 3 TORQ units per hour when all TORQ products you are using contain 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose. Once again, click on the link above for further information.

This product can also be added to food to boost its carbohydrate content. 4 level scoops of TORQ Energy Organic mixed into a cup of soup will be barely noticable, yet it will have increased its carbohydrate content to that of a large bowl of pasta! This makes TORQ Energy Organic  ideal for carbohydrate loading or aiding recovery between heavy bouts of exercise. This is why this product features as a very important component in the TORQ Recovery System too. Click on the following link for further information:

TORQ Recovery System

If you are not concerned about having a product with organic statust, we do sell the same product in a non-organic form as part of our TORQ RAW range, so click here for further information. 

For further information on this product, please do not hesitate in contacting us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone us on 1300 857553.

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