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Carbohydrate is...

Carbohydrate is the key to metabolic energy. As well as providing your body with the means to release the energy stored in fat and oxygen (the so called "endurance fuels"), carbohydrate is also called upon when the going gets tough. If the pace in a competition suddenly accelerates, or the intensity of exercise is so high that fat and oxygen alone can no longer sustain the energy demand, carbohydrate is used anaerobically (without oxygen) to satisfy this requirement. If your legs start burning, this is caused by a build up of lactic acid, the exhaust fumes of carbohydrate metabolism. So next time your legs burn, you'll know you're using carbo power. In short... without carbohydrate, our metabolism would grind dramatically to a crawl.


Types of carbohydrate
Carbohydrates vary from the simple mono and disaccharide's like glucose and sucrose, through to the long chain oligosaccharides present in pasta, potatoes and similar starch rich foods. Unlike the majority of simple sugars, which are quickly absorbed into the blood stream, giving the so-called 'sugar rush' (a short-term effect of limited value), a complex carbohydrate with low glycaemic index can be utilised by the body over a long period of time and therefore provides a sustained release of energy.   

Maltodextrin, of which TORQ energy is composed (plus a major constituent of TORQ bar) possesses all the metabolic benefits of a complex carbohydrate, with the density of sugar. This means that you can eat lots of it if you need to, it doesn't taste sweet, so can be added to either sweet or savoury foods and it will deliver a steady, controlled supply of energy to the working muscles. 

Further information
TORQ energy is available from the TORQ online shop. Just click on the 'products' link at the top of this page and then scroll down for further information.

Further extensive information on performance nutrition and carbohydrate can be found in the 'news' section of the TORQ web site. Click on 'home' at the top of this page and then on 'news' using the main menu at the top of the homepage.