• Suitable for Vegans

    Suitable for Vegans

  • Naturally Superior

    Naturally Superior

  • Fuel right - Make the most of your training

    Fuel right - Make the most of your training

  • Enhance Perfomance

    Enhance Perfomance

  • With hard work, there are no limits

    With hard work, there are no limits

  • Eat clean, Train mean

    Eat clean, Train mean

  • Stay ahead with Recovery Plus

    Stay ahead with Recovery Plus

  • Thanks for being part of our story

    Thanks for being part of our story

  • Fuel like a pro

    Fuel like a pro

Torq Australia

TORQ Performance Nutrition is a range of highly advanced nutrition products designed specifically with the endurance athlete in mind. Our products deliver everything you need to get you through all your training and events and we provide the most comprehensive recovery product on the market today. Our range has been developed to deliver sustained energy for before during and after activity.

We have developed our range of performance nutrition products through a need to offer the highest standard of support to athletes. We critically analyse every product on the market and take on board their best features – and then improve upon them – every little detail - without compromise. We ask our clients which types of products they prefer to use and continually develop and perfect our range. We hope that the comprehensive nature of this e-brochure is testament to this.

Mountain Biking is as gruelling an endurance sport as any other. Our products are used by elite-level Cross Country racers, Downhillers and 24-hour soloists (yes, people who ride their bikes for 24 hours without stopping) and we sponsor and manage our own Mountain Bike Race Team. We have to be clear about this though. You don’t have to be a Mountain Biker to benefit from TORQ. Our products are used extensively in Triathlon and Road Racing. They have been up Everest and to the North Pole. They have been used by British Firefighters and also at the highest level of Football and Motorsport. The principles of sports nutrition hold true for any branch of endurance sport – if you have an endurance goal, TORQ is there to help you achieve it.


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